NBA Season Predictions

The Miami Heat will try for a three-peat.

Can the Miami Heat complete a three-peat.


MVP: LeBron James (Heat)
Defensive Player of the Year: Larry Sanders (Bucks)
Rookie of the Year: Ben McLemore (Kings)
Sixth Man of the Year: Harrison Barnes (Warriors)
Coach of the Year: Doc Rivers (Clippers)

1st Team All-NBA     2nd Team All-NBA         3rd Team All-NBA

Derrick Rose, G         Dwyane Wade, G            Chris Paul, G
Stephen Curry, G     James Harden, G             Kobe Bryant, G
Kevin Durant, F        Carmelo Anthony, F        Paul George, F
LeBron James, F       Tim Duncan, F                 LaMarcus Aldridge, F
Kevin Love, F            Dwight Howard, C          DeMarcus Cousins, C


Western Conference

1. L.A. Clippers
8. Minnesota Timberwolves

4. Memphis Grizzlies
5. Houston Rockets

3. Golden State Warriors
6. Denver Nuggets

2. San Antonio Spurs
7. Oklahoma City Thunder

Warriors over Clippers in the WCF

Eastern Conference 

1. Miami Heat
8. Milwaukee Bucks

4. Brooklyn Nets
5. New York Knicks

3. Chicago Bulls
6. Detroit Pistons

2. Indiana Pacers
7. Washington Wizards

Heat over Bulls in ECF

NBA Champ: Miami over Golden State


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