James Harrison Trades in His Black and Yellow for Orange and Black

James Harrison, the newest Cincinnati Bengal.

James Harrison, the newest Cincinnati Bengal.

It is truly amazing what a change of uniform can do to one’s opinion.  Before reports surfaced that the Bengals and James Harrison had mutual interest in one another, Bengals fans would have been disgusted at the site of Harrison.  This man has terrorized the entire NFL and primarily the Bengals for seven years.  After refusing to take a pay-cut with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Harrison was released.  Harrison is known a very prideful player who is as tenacious as they come.  He was once cut by the Baltimore Ravens, and he used that to fuel his fire.  The same situation applies here.  He felt he was entitled to a certain amount of money because of the things he contributed to the Steelers organization.  When he didn’t get the respect he felt he deserved, his first instinct was to go to a team where he could stick it to his former team.  Harrison first visited with the Baltimore Ravens, and they chose to sign Elvis Dumervil instead, spurning Harrison for the second time in his career.  He then visited Cincinnati, who has become a rival of some sort to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Harrison impressed during his workout with the Bengals, and contract negotiations were underway.  Those negotiations would soon hit a snag, and it appeared that the former Defensive Player of the Year would not be signing in Cincinnati.  But the Bengals stayed persistent and finally struck a two-year deal with Harrison.  He now becomes a beloved Cincinnati Bengal, rather than a hated Pittsburgh Steeler.  Mr. Harrison now has a score to settle with his former team, and he won’t have to wait long to do so.  The Steelers come to “The Jungle” in week two, and the game just happens to be on Monday Night Football.  The city of Cincinnati will embrace James Harrison with open arms because he now hates what every Bengals fan hates, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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