No Picks To Waste For Bears


This will be a very important draft for the Chicago Bears. The Bears only get five picks and they have none to throw away. Two of those draft picks your looking to replace center Roberto Garza and linebacker Brian Urlacher. Another position needing to be filled is at cornerback. Since the Bears can’t take a cornerback as high as they would like, it is said that the best draft option is Terry Hawthorne out of Illinois. Now with Johnny Knox retiring, the Bears need another receiver and it is said the best option is Ryan Swope out of Texas A&M. A backup tight end is needed to back up newcomer Martellus Bennett and the best draft option for thatposition is Chris Gragg out of Arkansas. Brian Urlacher years are dwindling down so therefore the Bears need someone to play behind him for a few years and for him to teach him the ropes before he leaves. This possibly can be Alec Ogletree out of Georgia. Also, Manti Te’o, Arthur Brown, and Kevin Minter could possibly feel this spot for the Bear’s first-round pick. Chicago also has to upgrade the center position since Roberto Garza hasn’t been doing the job well. Since centers aren’t really drafted that high, the Bears can select the best prospect in 2013 with their second- round pick. The best draft pick for the job would be Travis Frederick out of Wisconsin. projects Frederick as a top 75 pick at 6’4 and 312 pounds. As a Bears fan, This Draft is very important for the Bears to continue to be a playoff team and championship contender for the season to come.


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