Pitino Revenge On Coach K


Sunday was the Midwest Region finals pitting Louisville against Duke, the first NCAA Tournament face-off between Rick Pitino and Mike Krzyzewski since “that” game, the greatest college basketball game ever played, that 1992 East Region finals in Philadelphia. The final score of that game was Duke 104, Kentucky 103. Known as the game Christian Laettner won. Coach K is on record saying even though they won the historic game, Rick Pitino really shined as a coach that day. “I think when the basketball gods deem you worthy enough to put you in a great moment, sometimes you’re placed in that moment as a winner, and sometimes you lose, but sometimes the loser shines more than the winner. I thought how (Pitino) reacted and has reacted since made him shine. And I respect that.”
Sunday Rick Pitino got his revenge on Coach K and Duke winning 85-63 in a extremely emotional game for Louisville due to the freak accident of Kevin Ware which 35,000 fans in the Lucas Oil Stadium will remember forever and the fans watching on tv around the world. Louisville definitely played that game for their falling soldier Ware, who is from Atlanta. Kevin Ware had a successful surgery and plans on returning to school later this week and also traveling to Atlanta to watch his team play in the Final Four at the Georgia Dome. If any team has momentum going into the Final Four it’s Louisville. Not discrediting the other three teams but Louisville is playing with high emotions right now.


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