Bed Racing

How fast is your bed? Doesn’t sound right does it? To the people of North Yorkshire Town of Knaresborough it’s a normal question. The first bed race started in 1965 but was only open to Army, Navy, and American Marines. The race is currently open to everyone now and in different cities. Bed racing is made up of six players on a team plus one on the bed. The bed itself has four wheels and is supposed to be able to float. Each team must provide their own bed. The rules of the race in Knaresborough are different then other races. It is a 3km race that begins at the Conyngham Hall. In the middle of the race you have to climb a hill and then the final challenge before it’s over is having to cross a river. Since 1965 bed racing has grown very popular in many cities and even different countries such as Thailand. Not all races have the same rules though. For example the Coconut Grove Bed Races held in Miami has only five-person teams. This race is one of the most popular races there is bringing crowds of 30,000 and attracting celebrities. Proceeds of the race go to Junior Chambers Easter Seals Toy Drive and Chidren’s Hospital. Out of all of the unique sports there are around the world I can honestly say I would give bed racing a chance. Why not? You can be lazy and competitive at the same time. How fast is your bed? Chairmens_Bed_Racing_Team_fs


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