Can 49ers “win with” Vernon Davis?

Following a bad loss to the Seattle Seahawks 5 years ago during the 2008 season which caused Mike Singletary, then coach, to bench tight end Vernon Davis and later send him to the locker room after a heated argument on the sidelines. After the game Singletary had a memorable and popular searched press conference where he criticized Davis explaining why the actions he took to send him to the locker room. Coach Singletary quoted “It is more about them then it is about the team. Can not play with him, can not win with him, can not coach with him!” It was Davis’s third season in the NFL, but still needed to mature as a player. The skill level was there but the mental aspect of the game was not and Singletary was the coach who told Davis what he needed to hear, not what he wanted to hear at the time. To this day, Vernon Davis, who still gets emotional when he sees the press conference, gives Singletary credit and the ultimate respect for helping him become the player he is today. Going into the Super Bowl XLVIII Vernon Davis has 41 Receptions on 548 yards and 5 touchdowns. Davis has said if wasn’t for Singletary he wouldn’t have matured the way he did as player helping the 49ers to a 24-7 record over the last two seasons following the departure of Singletary. Davis is playing in the biggest game of his life today, let’s see if the San Francisco 49ers can “win with” Davis. Image


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