Who’s Got It Better Than Us?: 5 Reasons The 49ers Will Win Super Bowl XLVII

By: Travis Thayer
49ers Jim Harbaugh celebrates winning the NFC Championship.

If ESPN has been on your TV this week you probably already know the stories that have consumed a large part of Super Bowl week. We know the Jim Harbaugh will go up against his older John in what is being tabbed as the Har-Bowl. We know that Ray Lewis will do his dance one last time. What we don’t know is who will hoist the Lombardi Trophy when the game clock strikes double zero. The two teams are almost mirror images of each other, and both teams have great arguments as to why they will be called World Champions on Sunday night. The general feeling is that this game will go right down to the wire, and I agree with that sentiment. So who will win Super Bowl XLVII? None other than the San Francisco 49ers, and here’s 5 reasons why.

Joe Flacco will go back to Joe Fluke-o

Joe Flacco is having a historical playoff run. After beating the young upstart Indianapolis Colts, Joe Flacco outplayed two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL. He went to Denver and made a shocking comeback to stun Peyton Manning, John Elway, and everyone in Mile High Stadium. He then went into Foxboro against the team the Ravens never could beat, and took down 3-time Super Bowl winning Tom Brady. In the process of taking down a fantastic rookie with a bright future and two first ballot Hall of Famers, Joe Flacco showed he could be considered an elite quarterback. In those three games Flacco threw 8 touchdowns and no interceptions while hitting on 55% of his passes. This Sunday will be different when he faces the hard-hitting 49ers. The 49ers defense ranks 3rd in the NFL in total defense and has one of the league’s premier pass rushing attacks. I expect Flacco to be under duress all game, and he won’t have enough time to go deep to Torrey Smith or Anquan Boldin.

Aldon Smith will finally get a sack

Aldon Smith has gone five games without a sack. In order for the 49ers to win on Sunday this streak has to stop. Smith accounted for 19.5 sacks this year, and the team is much different when he isn’t getting to the quarterback. If Smith gets a couple sacks and possibly a forced fumble he could turn out to have the biggest impact in the game.

Little Bro Gets the Best of Big Bro

Jim Harbaugh will out-coach his older brother John on Sunday. The two are very similar in style, and their teams place a lot alike. The difference between the two is that Jim will get more out of his players because of the pure passion and killer instinct that he coaches with. The Harbaugh’s participated in a joint press conference Friday morning and one wore a suit while the other wore what he coaches in. Guess which one wore what he coaches in, Jim Harbaugh. When asked if they realized someone would lose come Sunday there was a pause, and John finally answered yes. Jim doesn’t realize it because he doesn’t think it is realistic. Therefore, the edge goes to little bro.

Ray Lewis
Destiny Will Come to an End

Ray Lewis is on his last ride and he will dance one more time Sunday, but it won’t be a post game celebration. The way he has led his team to the Super Bowl is nothing short of incredible. He returned from an injury that no other man could have come back from in that short of time. He is a legendary player that will go down as maybe the greatest defender of all time. He is a man that I have had the pleasure of seeing play live and in person several times, and it will be sad to see him go. There would be no sweeter story than to go out on top, but the fact is I don’t believe in destiny and I don’t believe the Ravens defense can slow down Colin Kaepernick.

Super Bowl MVP: Colin Kaepernick

A superstar will truly be born on Sunday night. Nobody thought the 49ers could make the Super Bowl when Jim Harbaugh decided to stay with Kaepernick when Alex Smith came back from injury. Kaepernick did though. The kid has a cool demeanor no matter what happens on or off the field. He is mature beyond his years, and his game is unlike anyone we have ever seen. He is a former pitcher who passed up playing in the big leagues to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL. When he throws the ball it is a blur on the screen. His ability to throw at any down or distance with accuracy is a dangerous combination, but his legs will be what kills the Ravens. Kaepernick has 4.5 speed and his ability to run will haunt the Ravens all night. When the game comes to an end we will see a heartwarming embrace between brothers, and an emotional legend who just played his final game. But our lasting image of Super Bowl XLVII will be Colin Kaepernick hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. As the 49ers like to say, Who’s got it better than us? After Sunday, Nobody.


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